Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Weekly Challenge Humility
⁉️ Who’s up for challenging the status quo? ⁉️ For the month of December I’ve decided to gift myself something special. The gift of permission. Permission to be the kind of person I know I can be. The kind of person who shows up, lights up the room and inspires everyone else […]

Humility | #WeeklyChallenge

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | When the time is on you start, and the pressure will be off_
Happy Friday Everyone! I just finished watching Gabby Bernstein‘s 3 part video training and I’m feeling inspired and excited  Link: This quote from Yogi Bhajan is one she has shared in almost every video of her’s I’ve watched. So I’m sharing the message because it’s an important one! When it comes […]

Start | #FridayFeels