Day 2: What do authentic relationships and communication look like? Join me every day this week on my Facebook page at 10am (SA time) for a free live training. I hope this serves you 😊🙏🌻

Video Training 2: Authentic Relationships and Communication

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Relationship Roles Quiz
Real Relationships Webinar – Sat, 9 Feb Ask yourself the following:  Do I have the same arguments with my partner, which never really get resolved?  Have I noticed a pattern in the type of person I normally go out with?  Do I struggle to put down boundaries with my family […]

WEBINAR 09/02/19: Real Relationships

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Weekly Challenge Humility
⁉️ Who’s up for challenging the status quo? ⁉️ For the month of December I’ve decided to gift myself something special. The gift of permission. Permission to be the kind of person I know I can be. The kind of person who shows up, lights up the room and inspires everyone else […]

Humility | #WeeklyChallenge

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | 4 Agreements
“The 4 Agreements” I post these at least once a year because they are so meaningful. Taken from the best selling book, “The 4 Agreements”, these Toltec principles provide a simple yet powerful code of conduct for growing a profound connection with your inner wisdom. This will lead you to […]

The 4 Agreements | #WednesdayWisdom