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Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Prices
What is the value of coaching? In working out the price of coaching 1:1 with me, I had to work out the value of what you will receive. But how do you put a price on changing someone’s life? I took into account the hundreds of hours I have spent […]

Price – Work With Me

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | morning-ritual
We are now three weeks into 2019. You are probably starting to settle back into your regular routine by now. I know this first month can feel challenging. After the fun and excitement of the holidays it is easy to feel disoriented and unsure of where to start with your […]

3 Tips for Getting On Track This January | #MindfulMonday

Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | What if
“What if…” I was lucky enough today to catch up with not one, but two of my favourite ladies. When you haven’t talked to someone in a while it’s tricky to sum up everything that’s happened in a couple of lines. When trying to explain how my business is going, […]

What If | #MindfulMonday