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8 Reasons Why You Need a Life Coach

At the start of each year, filled with festive joy from being around friends and family and feeling relaxed from our time off, we cheerfully start setting resolutions for the year ahead. Unfortunately as we start to pack away our beach umbrellas and dust off our office suits, most often we feel our resolve start to fade away as the reality of our daily routine sets in. Before we know it, February has started and our gym membership has still only been used twice since we made that resolution to get fit.

If this sounds like you, (I know this has been my routine for the past 10 years), then this illustrates just one example of someone who would benefit from the services of a life coach. Below, I give you 8 reasons why you and many of your friends could pick up the phone and book a session today.

1. You need to make a decision.

If you have a decision to make and cannot find a way to make it then coaching is an incredibly useful tool. Having someone impartial, to listen to your list of pros and cons and reflect back what they hear you saying can be just the nudge you need to make that decision. Maybe you are thinking of changing jobs, maybe you are about to start a new relationship, maybe you want to move to a new city. Whatever the decision is, I can help you make it. But be warned, I won’t be making the decision for you or telling you what to do. I will simply listen to what you are thinking and feeling and facilitate the decision making journey.

2. You’re lost.

You have no idea what decision you are trying to make because you don’t actually know what it is that is wrong in your life. All you know is you are not feeling positive about your job / relationship / friends / daily routine. This is completely normal, most people do not know what they want, all they know is that it isn’t what they are currently doing. By helping you explore your values to figure out what is important to you, I will help unlock the door to all the amazing options that are available to you.

3. You’re unhappy.

Maybe your job leaves you feeling over-whelmed and under-valued. This doesn’t mean you have to quit and start travelling all year round in order to enjoy life. Or maybe you do. Again, by exploring your values you may discover that the things that are most important to you are not being fulfilled by the things you do day to day. Perhaps you value creativity, but due to your full time admin job and three children you do not have the time to be creative, and this is getting you down. I will help you figure out a plan to get the time you need to paint in order to feel fulfilled. And guess what? This will make you a happier employee, mother and person.

4. You’re happy.

So you already have it all figured out. This is fantastic news! What better time to create even more opportunity than when you are feeling positive and full of energy. The good news is we can have it all and then some. So why not strike while the iron is hot and reach for dreams while you are in a great head space. I will help you do this with creative brainstorming sessions. The sky is the limit!

5. You just got out of a relationship.

You have just had your heart broken by Mr Not-Even-Almost-Right. Or perhaps you did the breaking up because you knew you deserved better. Whatever the circumstances, the end of a relationship is an excellent time for the beginning of a new relationship…with yourself. This is a great opportunity to figure out what is important to you. Again, we go back to values. By knowing what makes you feel at your highest you open the gateway to not only operate from that position but also to attract people into your life who feel the same way.

6. You’re comfortable.

You have a daily routine and it feels comfortable. This is what most of us search for. But where is the sparkle? Where is the thrill? Where is the fun? As they say, “Outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens”. It is time to discover your true limits (hint: you don’t have any) and see what you are really made of. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are more adventurous than you think.

7. The fear.

You know what I’m talking about. We all feel the fear. Fear of being alone, fear of falling, fear of being powerful, fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of not having enough money. Whatever your fear is, I can guarantee you that millions of people share it. The infinitely wise Nelson Mandela said, “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”. Well guess what? I am here to take your hand and leap off the cliff of fear, into the sea of courage. Because I guarantee you, only good things will come from it. You are braver than you think.

8. You have done the work with a therapist and are thinking, “Now what?”

Therapy is a process that I feel everyone should go through. Understanding what you have been through in order to know where you want to go is a very valuable undertaking. But there can come a point in the process where you start to feel like you need more. Looking back has been important, and now you want to look forward. While many therapists may be able to do both, it is often the case that your relationship with your therapist runs it’s course and you need to know “what now?”. Life coaches only work with people who are of sound mind and emotions so coming to see me after you have ‘done the work’ is a great way to continue your journey with a fresh flavour.

You might identify with more than one of these examples. Or maybe you have one specific challenge that you would like to work through. Whatever the case, I am here to walk beside you through your journey.

If you have any more questions or would like to set up a free introductory meeting then please fill in the form on the Contact page.

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