Mindset Membership

The super affordable, next best thing to coaching!

Have you read all the books? Completed all the webinars? Follow all the motivational leaders? And yet, you are still not seeing positive change in your life...

I believe a big part of the problem is mindset. And the other is consistency.

Which is why I have created a monthly subscription which is focused on exactly that - transforming your mindset. With a different theme each month, I will empower you to hold yourself accountable and start showing up authentically.


Every month on the 1st, you will receive via email:


an article based on that month's theme.



a printable mantra to focus on for the month.



a worksheet to help you relate the theme to your own experience.



a meditation to get you into a positive state.





access to a private member's only Facebook community so you can connect with others



A live interactive Q&A session on Zoom with me each month to discuss the theme



Bonus guest expert trainings / links



weekly posts to check-in and keep you on track



member's discounts on events and packages



access to all our past content for all past themes


I know that time and money can be challenging which is why I believe the Mindset Membership is the next best thing to coaching. I'm offering a different opportunity to transform - work through the tools at your own pace, benefit from regular input from myself and others in the Facebook group and only pay a fraction of the price.


Ready to become a Mindset Member?

You will be redirected to a secure page to fill in your details.

Your first payment of R400 (+-$26) will be debited from your account. Thereafter, every month on the same date your bank account will automatically be debited R400 (+-$26).

When you wish to cancel, simply log in to Payfast and do so with immediate effect.

I am so excited to support you and work on our mindset together!



Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Mindset Membership Imposter Syndrome
Kirsty Melmed Life Coach | Mindset Membership Past Themes All

"l wanted to say how excited l am about your Mindset Membership. l am so glad that l have the privilege to continue my personal growth with you. It has been such an honour working with you. It is also inspiring seeing you reach out for you dreams and make them happen. One of my greatest values is making a difference, especially in the lives of children. Watching you live your life passionately and continue challenging yourself to grow is helping me do the same."

- Killian, Mindset Member, South Africa